Judge John Schmude Clears up Myth that Cain is a Personal Injury Lawyer

The following is a statement by State District Judge, John Schmude, regarding the allegations that Briscoe Cain is a personal injury trial lawyer.

My name is John Schmude, and due to my position, I am not able to endorse any candidate for elected office; therefore, nothing in this statement should in any way be construed as an endorsement or an intent to advance any private interest.

However, based on my observations and personal knowledge, I am able shed some light on various allegations that are being made about Briscoe Cain’s legal background.

Briscoe worked as an attorney in my firm before I was elected to the bench in 2014. After taking office, Briscoe took over most of my active caseload, which almost entirely centered on family law matters. Based on my personal experience and to the best of my knowledge in working with Briscoe, I can confidently say that Briscoe is not and never has been a personal injury trial lawyer. I believe I can count on one hand the number of personal injury cases that I have personally handled, and Briscoe was not involved in any of them during his tenure working at my firm. My firm focused primarily on family law and, to a lesser extent, various probate and constitutional law matters.






Note: Statements contained herein are not to be construed as an endorsement of any candidate for elected office.