Christian Daycare Workers Fired for Refusing to Call a Girl a Boy

Christian Daycare Workers Fired for Refusing to Call a Girl a Boy

Texas – Today, Andy Taylor and I filed a federal discrimination complaint on behalf of Madeline Kirksey, a professional childcare worker, who was fired for refusing to call a 6-year-old girl a boy.

Here are some quotes from the News:

The Washington Times:

She has hired attorneys Andy Taylor and Briscoe Cain to file a discrimination lawsuit against the school. The legal team is also representing Akesha Bogany Wyatt, a former teacher at the center who claimed she was also fired for raising concerns about the transgender child.

“Madeline has paid the price for standing her ground in defense of all her children at Children’s Lighthouse,” Mr. Taylor said. “This has gotten out of control and now this dedicated experienced child care worker has been wrongfully terminated. That will not stand.”

Breitbart Texas:

Lawyer Briscoe Cain told Breitbart Texas, “My client’s sincere religious beliefs have been violated because she took a stand to protect the girl from being harassed and discriminated against. She is now out of work for defending her faith and standing up for the innocence of children, and for believing that it is the role of parents to decide whether children should be educated about transgender issues.”

Cain continued, “I am proud of Madeline for taking a stand against an agenda that is using innocent children as pawns in its mission to fundamentally change the American culture without regard for the health of children or the moral conscience of others.”

This is not an isolated incident—it’s just the first to involve people bold enough to come forward.

I am committed to standing up to the agenda of the left—an agenda that has no regard for the innocence of children or the moral conscience of people of faith.

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