Representative Briscoe Cain Re-Elected to Texas House

Since running to be the State Representative for House District 128, I’ve always strived to be a fighter in Austin who will serve as my constituents’ voice for effective, limited, and less burdensome government. I will continue to be a State Representative our area can be proud of and support.

I want to thank the army of grassroots volunteers who addressed envelopes, knocked doors, made calls, delivered signs, and stood at polling locations. I also want to thank Mary Williams, the Democratic Party nominee, for a race well run. You’re a hard worker and it cannot be denied that you care about the community. I look forward to working with you on issues we share.

The 87th Texas Legislature, which will convene in Austin on January 12, 2021, will take up issues important to our area. I look forward to continuing the work we started.