Texas Right to Life Endorses Briscoe Cain

Texas Right to Life PAC Endorses Briscoe Cain

I am truly humbled to receive the endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC in my race for State Representative.

If there was ever an organization that I hoped to be supported by–it’s Texas Right to Life.

I believe that Christ placed something in my heart for the cause of the unborn. Prior to becoming an attorney with several pro-life organizations, I spent many a sleepless nights as a law student reading every legal article and court opinion about the subject I could get my hands on. I wanted to become a legal expert on the area of abortion jurisprudence in hopes that one day I could apply my craft as an attorney to the cause of the unborn and the defense of expecting mothers and fathers. While I may still have a long way to go to be considered a legal expert, the people of Texas can be assured that I will be a pro-life fighter in the legislature.


“My experience as a pro-life attorney provides me with a unique understanding of how pro-life legislation interacts with the judiciary. If we are going to end abortion we have to be smart about it. We have a real enemy, an enemy whose goal is to fundamentally change society by betraying women and snuffing out innocent human life. Fighting this enemy takes experience.” – Briscoe Cain

I believe that voters are looking for candidates with a record of leading on the issues; representatives who don’t just talk about being pro-life, but leaders with a record of fighting for the unborn.

“Being Pro-Life is a life style, you can’t just say you’re against abortion but do nothing about it. It’s like saying you’re a Christian just because you go to church on Sundays. Christ said ‘by their fruit you will recognize them.’ Putting your beliefs to action is what matters. I know Briscoe Cain because by the work he does. Briscoe has become an asset to the Pro-Life and Religious Liberty movements because he puts his faith to action. It is without hesitation that I endorse Briscoe Cain ask all of my friends and fellow pro-lifers in Texas and across America to support him.” – Jason Jones, pro-life author and film producer

I have been fighting in the trenches for the unborn for years and I’m excited about the prospect of continuing the fight in the Texas Legislature.

Learn more about my record as a pro-life attorney here.

If you’d like read about my most recent work in helping to expose Planned Parenthood for profiting from sale of baby parts, below are a few sources:

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